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***** Flood damage.  Due to the recent floods associated with Hurricanes & storms the past few years, we are still receiving quite a few calls about flood damage to pianos.  If a piano, digital piano, organ, and MOST ALL other musical instruments are submerged partially or fully by flood waters, they are a total loss.  Pianos are NOT REPAIRABLE if they get wet.  Digital pianos generally speaking are NOT repairable either.  We will offer FREE insurance replacement estimates to our customers who purchased pianos / digital pianos from us that received water damage.  Email us your name & contact information along with pictures of your damaged piano to:   We will reply as soon as we possibly can.  No charge if the piano was purchased from our company.  If not purchased from us, be sure to include the make, model, serial number, your name, address, and contact information along with several pictures of your instrument.  We will contact you as soon as possible.

~~~~~ We will offer a LARGE discount to ANYONE who needs to replace their piano or digital piano due to flood damage!  We will also gladly work with your insurance company for replacement.  Call Mike at 910-323-9187 for more information.

*********** Do NOT buy a piano or digital piano that has been in a flood.  You are wasting your money if you buy it because it can NOT be repaired!    If a piano or digital piano was in a flood, simply throw it away at your local landfill after taking pictures, writing down the make, model, and serial number for insurance purposes.

We at JML Piano / Piano Outlet want to provide you with the BEST possible service after the sale!

If your piano or digital piano was purchased from our company and is under warranty, please call our store at 910-323-9187 first to verify your coverage.  We will then arrange service for you.

If you are from a school system or church, please call our store for service at 910-323-9187.

Acoustic piano service

For Acoustic Piano service or piano tuning in the Fayetteville, NC metro area, please Call Jack Wright at 910-822-1181.

For Acoustic Piano service or piano tuning in the Charlotte, NC metro area, please call Charles Dunn at 704-882-9625.

Digital Pianos / Organs Service:

***** Before you call us for service on your digital piano… several brands of digital pianos can NOT be repaired due to Parts that are no longer available.  These brands include Baldwin Pianovelle, GEM, Suzuki, Technics, Kurzweil, some Yamaha, Samick, Williams and a few other off brands or store brands.  Brands that we can service are Roland & Casio.  We DO offer a large discount to buyers of the brands listed above if we cannot repair your piano.  Most companies with the exception of Roland only offer parts for 7 years from date of manufacture (as required by the FCC).  We are a service center for Roland and Casio for warranty service (we are not authorized for  warranty service or shipping damage for online sales). 

Call Mike at JML Piano for your digital piano service needs: 910-323-9187.  We refer alot of our digital piano, & organ customers to Todd Whitfield of Church Organ Services for service.  Todd can be reached at 252-521-4162.  If your digital piano is under warranty purchased from JML Piano / JML Music, please call Mike for service at:  910-323-9187.

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