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*Due to our agreement with the manufacturers of the fine products we sell, not all items we sell are available through our online store.  If you are interested in something that is not listed on our online store, please email us at:, or call us at 910-323-9187.

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BUYING ONLINE?  Read Below…..

We at JML Piano want you to make the RIGHT decision when buying a piano or digital piano online.  Below we have listed some important things to consider when buying a digital piano or piano online.

– Shipping Damage?  Ever had a package damaged or stolen from UPS / Fedex / USPS?  What a nightmare!  We’re here to tell you that you don’t want to go through this.  It takes weeks to months to get shipping damage issues resolved or a refund issued from the seller …

– Warranty Service / Service after the sale?  Most local companies will NOT repair your digital piano under warranty if you purchased online because the manufacturer will not pay them to service it, or the mileage or service call fee to service your digital piano in your home.  This is true with all manufacturers.  We know because we are service centers for both Roland and Casio for our customers, and We are not an authorized online repair center.  The online sellers will not tell you this!  We only service what we sell.  Buy local from us… we WILL stand behind the products we sell and give you great service after the sale!  Online sellers can’t offer you this type of service and sometimes you might even have to return the digital piano to whoever you bought it from or the manufacturer for warranty service….

– Price?  JML Piano will match or BEAT ANY ONLINE PRICE and give you local service after the sale.  We’ll also teach you how to use it, and give you a loaner if yours fails under warranty!  We’ll also give you a 2 year 100% trade in to upgrade your digital piano in the future (visit our store for more details).  Buy Local… You’re SO MUCH better off in the long run!!

– Buy online from JML?  Yes we can do that!  Just simply call us and we’ll process your sale over the phone, offer financing, and provide professional delivery to your home (only in our trade areas of NC, SC).  Not all products we sell can be purchased online.  Call us at 910-323-9187 for more details.

– Our reputation!  Visit Google or ANY online source for reviews on JML Piano!  We are a family business now in our 40th year!


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