Let us Sell your Piano or Digital Piano!

Have an old piano or digital piano in your home and you’re no longer using it?   If you’re moving or remodeling, need the space, or if you just no longer need the piano, or could use the Money…

Let us sell your instrument and get you MUCH more money than you can selling it yourself, and you don’t have to worry about scam artists and strangers coming to your home!  We’ve been in business for almost 41 years, have a great reputation, and know how to sell pianos!  In most cases we can sell your piano for 2 – 3 times the amount than you can sell it for.  How can we do this?  First we pick up your piano from your home and fix it up putting it in A-1 condition including tuning, regulation, adjusting, cabinet cleaning and touch up, and do everything to the instrument to get it ready to play… and play well.  Due to our strict guidelines, we do not resell every piano offered to us if it is something we feel (based on our 36 years of experience) that we cannot sell.    Call us @ 910-323-9187  for more information about how our resell policy works.

What we’re looking for:

1. Grand Pianos.

We’re looking for Premium quality grands from manufacturers such as Young Chang, Kawai, Yamaha, Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, & Baldwin. We are NOT interested in grands over 50 years old except Steinway & some Baldwin grands. We are not interested in off brand or grands needing lots of work or any larger than 7′ in length. NO SQUARE GRANDS PLEASE!  Square grands are really not worth anything!  Call us for other brands not listed here. There are some other brands we will be glad to sell for you!

2. Console Pianos / Studio Pianos

Currently, we are only looking for studio pianos from Yamaha, Steinway, Kawai, Young Chang, and Bergmann.  We are overstocked on console and spinet pianos! 

NO SPINET PIANOS!  NO OLD UPRIGHT PIANOS!  Old Upright pianos (from names you’ve never heard of) are generally not worth anything. Some of the old uprights have a mirror on top, which means they have been rebuilt at some point. A lot of spinets are really not worth much anymore either! NO OLD GRAND PIANOS OR SQUARE GRANDS! NO OLD “ANTIQUE” PLAYER PIANOS!  Generally speaking, we DO NOT take pianos over 52″ in height!

Old pianos are NOT Antiques, and have NO ANTIQUE VALUE (Except some Steinway & Baldwin pianos).  Most of these pianos are worn out, cannot hold tune, and need to be thrown away at the landfill.  We do offer a piano disposal service.  Call us @ 910-323-9187 to have your piano removed from your home.

3.  Digital pianos / Digital Grand Pianos

We’re also looking for good quality, late model digital pianos and digital grand pianos.   Brands we are interested in include Yamaha, Roland, Kawai, *Kurzweil, and some Casio models.  Brands we are NOT interested in include *Kohler, *Suzuki, *Baldwin Pianovelle, *Adagio, *Technics, *Viscount, Casio & *Yamaha portable keyboards, *Korg, Nord, any pro keyboards with the exception of some Roland & Yamaha models, and any other off brands.  If you’re not sure if we are interested in your digital piano or not, simply give us a call.  Be sure and write down the brand of your digital piano and your model number before calling.  You can also email us a picture through our “contact us” section of our website.

Call us today and we’ll tell you how our plan works! Pickup and Delivery is available (Sorry… but we are not interested in difficult pickup situations with lots of steps or 2nd / 3rd floor pickup / deliveries).  We deserve the right NOT to sell your piano for you if your piano is one we are NOT looking for, or if the pickup of the instrument is simply too difficult or dangerous for our staff!  Please call us for more details or questions.

When you call us about your piano or digital piano, please know the make of the piano, model number if you know it (especially on digitals), and some details about the piano (height if an upright piano, length if a grand, make, model & serial number (if you can find one), bench with the piano?, etc.) Call us if you are unsure about any of this information and let us assist you!

*Most of these brands of digital pianos can NOT be repaired because parts are NOT available.  Most companies with the exception of Roland only make parts available for 7 years AFTER the date of Manufacture.

Thank you!

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